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MAN CAT A1 8x8 Chassis cab

Manufactured by:   MAN      Units Available:   30  
Steering: Left (LHD)
Max-Load: 30 t
Weight: 12800 kg
Wheelbase: 8x8
Condition: Condition: Excellent, ready to go
Mileage Hrs/Kms:
Year of Manufacture:
Price GBP Pounds Sterling: Request-a-Quote
EX Government reserve. EX MOD
Location: UK
MAN CAT A1 8x8 Chassis cab

MAN CAT A1 8x8 15t 8x8 Chassis cab 2.9 and 2.5 mtr was developed by MAN trucks to accommodate loads with high centres of gravity. The high ground clearance for rough terrain coupled with the wider axles makes this chassis cab suited to the addition of such things as:-

Water tanker military truck 15,000-25,000 litre capacity. 8x8
Diesel tanker military truck 15,000-25,000 litre capacity 8x8
Drilling military platform 8x8
Service unit for quarry work 8x8
Standard all terrain cargo military truck 8x8
Military Tractor Truck 8x8
Box truck personnel carrier 8x8
Workshop 8x8

No strategic vehicle is more reliable and long-lived
The A1 series is probably the most mobile and reliable truck on earth. It is primarily deployed as a carrier for sensitive weapons systems, since its boxed frame structure does not pass on any torsion, even when driving at full speed in difficult terrain. It is the only truck with a loading interface on which a Patriot system can be mounted entirely without compromising mobility.
Vehicles in the A1 series are military trucks with strategic importance. Their rigid axles and boxed frame construction give them an unsurpassed record of mobility and reliability in any terrain.
It was scheduled for 30 years of use, making it the military vehicle with just about the lowest lifecycle costs of any in existence.

Condition MAN CAT A1 8x8 military Chassis

The condition MAN CAT A1 8x8 military all terrain chassis trucks is as new with only 9,000 - 45,000kms
they have been used for testing systems only. From Government reserve 1989. Closed storage.
The chassis is covered with a special lubricant for the preservation.

MAN CAT A1 15t 8x8 - Off-road. No limits.

They battle through desert sands and along stony tracks, over
scree and mud, snow and ice. Climb the most extreme gradients,
ford rivers and chase across any terrain. CAT A1 & SX
all-wheel-drive trucks just keep on moving. Capitulation is not
an option whatever the terrain.

Could the military MAN CAT A1 8x8 ever get in it up to their neck? Not a
chance, since they are ideally equipped even for deep water.
Without preparation for instance the A1 has a fording depth of
1200 mm in accordance with STANAG 2805. Their service profi le
includes a large ground clearance, very good angles of approach and departure and enormous permanent climbing capacity (60 %) together with a ditch crossing ability of up to 1.9 m (depending on
the wheel formula), a step climbing ability of 0.6 m (depending on
the tyre size) and a maximum side slope of 40 %.

Last but not least they are designed for climatic zones A1 to C1
according to STANAG 2895, and even with the series equipment
they can withstand extreme outside temperatures from minus 50
to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

A strong basis the ladder frame.
The body-friendly, low torsion ladder frame of the MAN CAT A1 8x8 is based on
the tried and tested series frame of the civilian TGA range and is
designed for service with a large off road proportion reliability
built-in. It is made of high-strength, fi ne grain steel and has riveted
and bolted cross members and a steel bumper. Due to the low
torsion frame, comfortable and gentle transport is guaranteed.
The lateral acceleration acting on the platform or body is low.

MAN CAT A1 8x8 Comfortable and robust the leaf suspension.
Like the frame the suspension has stood the test in many thousands
of MAN vehicles. The leaf suspension further developed for
the A1 & SX with long, wear-free, rubber mounted springs, large shock
absorbers and stabilisers absorb most ground irregularities.

100 % torsional stiffness the box-type frame.
The extremely torsion resistant box frame with hollow longitudinal
members and welded tubular cross members put the A1 & SX in a
class of its own. With this design the suspension absorbs even
extreme terrain irregularities. The desired consequence: the body
remains unaffected even during fast off-road driving.

First class order: Maintenance and care.
The cab can be hydraulically tilted to a position ideal for
work on the engine and gearbox, air drier, solenoid and
ventilation valves. For day-to-day checks the front panel
gives access to the engineoil fi ller neck, containers for the
washer fl uid, brake and other electric connections. The oil
reservoir for the supply of the steering and auxiliary hydraulics
is situated behind the cab. Thanks to the sight glasses the
fl uid level can be checked at a glance. The cab fl oor
can easily be sprayed out with a water hose for cleaning.

Additional information for MAN CAT A1 8x8 15t 8x8 Chassis cab

Load area 7.2m x 2.44m
Load area 1.54m from ground
Ground clearence 0.41m
Max cruise speed 90km/h
Fuel tank capacity 400litres

Details MAN CAT A1 8x8

Engine: Deutz 320hp V8 diesel
directly injected diesel engine
cylinders 8
cylinder bore x stroke 125 x 130 mm
volumetric displacement 12763 ccm
output 320 PS (253 kW) at 2650 rpm
torque 100.3 mkg at 1750 rpm
compression ratio 01:16.5
fuel injection pump Bosch
valves overhead, central camshaft
crankshaft bearings 5
cooling air blower

lubrication forced-feed lubrication, 26 l oil
battery 2 x 12 V 125 Ah
generator three-phase generator 24 V 55 A
starter 24 V 6 PS

Power transmission
all wheel drive, distributor locking-differential + locking-differential backwards,
engine in the back of driver`s cab

single-plate dry clutch, hydraulic transformer
transmission 6 speed transmission (ZF S 6-65)
synchronizer I - VI
gear ratio reduction 6.734

box-type section frame
front suspension 1 rigid axle, steering, coil springs
rear suspension 1 rigid axle, steering, coil springs
steering system recirculating ball hydraulics
foot brake compressed air-hydraulic dual-circuit brake, 6 wheels
hand brake accumulator, rear wheels
engine brake compressed air

General data MAN CAT A1 8x8

wheelbase 1930 + 3670 + 1400 mm
Length 10.27m
Height 2.90m
Width 2.90m
G.V.W. 12,800kg
cargo area 7200 x 2440 mm
loading height 1650 mm
tires 14.00 R 20 M /
ground clearance 415 mm
fording depth 1200 mm
turning circle 26.4 m
total weight (perm.) 27200 kg
top speed 90 km/h
fuel tank capacity 400 l

Manufactured by: MAN   MAN
Condition: Condition: Excellent, ready to go
Mileage Hrs/Kms:
Year of Manufacture:
Export Requirements ...more: OGEL/SIEL Licence Required

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