Shantui SD42 Heavy Tracked Bulldozer 52t
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Shantui SD42  Heavy Tracked  Bulldozer  52t

ID:    1220
Units Available:   5
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2022
The price: P.O.A.

New Heavy Shantui SD42 Bulldozer 420HP
The best option for road construction and mining work
Engine Chongqing cummins KTA19-C525
With 3340KW/2200, this engine conforms to China-II emission regulation.
The radially sealed intake system is applied to effectively prolong the engine life.

Weight and performance similar to a Caterpillar D9 or Komatsu D275A-5 dozer

Main features of the Heavy Shantui SD42 Bulldozer Bulldozer:

  1. Specification International EEC EPA
  2. Color Yellow
  3. Warranty 1 Year
  4. Certification: CEde Type Straight, U, Semi U
  5. CAB ROPS and FOPS.
  6. Climate Adaptability -30 to 40 Degree
  7. Other Condition Adaptability Water Land, Normal Land, Desert Land
  8. Transport Package Bulk
  9. Trademark FOTMA
  10. HS Code 84291190
  11. Production Capacity 100/Month

    Power System
    - The Cummins KTA19 vertical 4-storke turbocharged engine features strong power.
    - The three-element single-stage single-phase hydraulic torque converter features high operating efficiency.

    Drive system
    - The curves of drive system and engine are perfectly matched to achieve more extensive high-efficiency zone and higher transmission efficiency.
    - Shantuis self-made drive system features stable performance and reliable quality and has been long proved by the market.

    Driving/Riding Environment
    - The hexahedral cab provides super-large interior space and broad vision and the ROPS/FOPS can be installed depending on specific needs to ensure high safety and reliability.
    - The electronic control hand and foot accelerators guarantee more accurate and comfortable operations.
    - The intelligent display and control terminal and the A/C and heating system are installed to provide more abundant personalized driving/riding experience and enable you to understand system status at any time, featuring high intelligence and convenience.

    Working adaptability
    - Shantuis stable and reliable chassis system is applicable to diversified severe working conditions.
    - The product features long ground length, high ground clearance, stable driving, and good trafficability.
    - The straight tilting blade, U-blade, angle blade, coal blade, rock blade, environmental sanitation blade, ripper, and traction frame can be installed depending on specific working condition to achieve higher working adaptability. The optional LED working lamps improve the illumination

    Easy maintenances
    - The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantuis mature products;
    - The electric harnesses adopt corrugated pipes for protection and deconcentrators for branching, featuring high protection grade.
    - The openable large-space side hoods make the repairs and maintenance easier.
    - The fuel filter element and the air filter are designed on one same side to achieve one-stop;

    The extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction, contributing to precise operation;
    The power shift transmission not only ensures smooth power shift, but also reaches target speeds and carries out directional transfers with a single control lever;
    The wet steering clutch and brake can extend service life. They work interactively, ensuring quick and flexible steering operations;
    The single control lever can control all blade actions;
    The drift sealing in the drive wheel, track roller and carrier roller can prevent dust from entering the track system, as well as lubricant leakage, thereby ensuring a long service life;
    The hexahedron cab features wide visibility, and the insulation materials in the cab can reduce noise and vibrations;
    The spin type fuel filter and dust separator, the air filters and the other filtration devices can prolong work time and reduce service time;
    The comfortable cab seat can adjust upward and downward, forward and backward, meeting any positional needs the operator may have;
    Side engine operation and the combination of a drive/brake operation system and foot brake makes overall operation of the bulldozer more rapid and convenient.

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