Use and Maintenance of rubber track

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Use and Maintenance of rubber track

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Use and Maintenance of rubber track.
The Rubber Tracks is composed of a certain amount of metal core and steel cord embedded in the rubber belt. It is the walking part of the crawler self-propelled machine. It makes the machine have the characteristics of smooth walking, low vibration, low noise, high traction, no damage to the road surface, low ground pressure, etc. The correct use and maintenance of the rubber track is the key to extend its service life.

1. Correct installation of rubber track
When installing the track, jack up the machine frame with a jack, loosen the tensioning device, put the track into the traveling mechanism composed of driving wheel, supporting wheel, load bearing wheel, supporting wheel, tensioning wheel, etc., and then tension the track. When tensioning the track, be sure to grasp the tightness of the track. The track is too tight, the power loss of the machine is large, the wear of the track is intensified, and the track pitch is large, which is easy to cause the crack of the track itself and affect the service life of the track; If the track is too loose, the machine will jump teeth when walking, and the steering will fail. The track is easy to derail, affecting the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly refer to the instruction manual for installation.

2. It is forbidden to turn sharply on concrete, gravel or hard roads, otherwise the track core will be worn, the belt will be twisted, and the track will crack.

3. When crossing the ridge, you must move forward at low speed at right angles to the ridge. When crossing the ridge with a height of more than 10 cm, the pedal must be used, otherwise the track will fall off and be damaged.

4. Less work in deep mud paddy fields. Because the mud stained with straw is easy to roll in the track, causing the straw to wrap up the gap in the track, which will cause the track to expand, deform and elongate, causing the track to slip, affecting the normal operation. In case of serious grass entanglement in the track, it shall be removed in time. In addition, if the track is trapped in deep mud, the track will fall off due to the loose track when turning sharply.

5. If stones or foreign matters enter the gap between the track and the underframe, stop the operation immediately and remove the stones or foreign matters.

Maintenance of rubber track

1. Regularly check the tightness of the track. According to the requirements of the operation manual, it is not too tight, but loose.
2. Remove mud, grass, stones and foreign matters on the track at any time.
3. Do not pollute the track with oil, especially when adding fuel or lubricating the drive chain with oil, take protective measures for the rubber track, such as covering the track with plastic cloth.
4. It is the basic condition for the normal operation of the track to ensure that all auxiliary components between the tracks are in normal operation and that the severely worn parts should be replaced in time.
5. When the track is stored for a long time, the dirt and sundries should be cleaned and dried, and the track should be stored overhead.

Rubber Tracks

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