A complete list of precautions for road rollers

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A complete list of precautions for road rollers

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A complete list of precautions for road rollers.
Road roller is a kind of heavy mechanical equipment used for rolling and leveling. Its working principle is mainly to use its own gravity to plastically strengthen the compaction of those sandy, semi-clay soil or asphalt concrete road surfaces.

Instructions before driving the road roller

1. Before starting the road roller, check around the machine and confirm whether there are people or obstacles around.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether it is normal (fuel, hydraulic oil, coolant), and then ensure that the glass reflector of the cab is clean and bright to ensure that there is no obstacle during construction.

3. Before starting the engine, the whistle must be sounded first, and once again ensure that there are no construction personnel or obstacles around the roller. After starting, check whether the instrument is normal and whether there is an alarm. Only when everything is normal can it start working. The above are compulsory courses before going to work every day, and must be carefully implemented!

Safety construction and precautions during construction:

1. It must be confirmed that there are no obstacles and people in the front, rear, left and right of the road roller before starting. It is strictly forbidden for laborers to enjoy the cool or rest around the equipment.

2. After the trial operation of the starting roller, it is confirmed that it is normal, and the working mechanisms such as brakes and turn signals are in good condition, and the roller can start working.

3. The tire pressure of the tire roller needs to be adjusted to the specified operating pressure range, and the tire pressure of the whole machine is consistent. Pay attention to the readings of each instrument during operation, and it is strictly forbidden to work while sick.

4. For the initial compaction of soft roadbeds and areas near mountains, the construction site must be surveyed before operation, and the road roller can only be driven into operation after safety is confirmed.

5. If two or more road rollers are working at the same time, the front and rear distance between the two machines shall not be less than 3m; when driving on a ramp, the distance between them shall not be less than 20m. When rolling the mountain road, it must be rolled from the inside to the outside.

6. It is necessary to turn outside the specified rolling road section, and the road roller is not allowed to change direction in the state of inertial rolling. It is strictly forbidden to use the reversing clutch for braking.

7. The rolling operation must be carried out in accordance with the specified rolling speed. During the rolling process, the rolling speed must not be changed arbitrarily, and the machine must not be stopped midway.

8. When going uphill, the speed change should be performed after braking. It is forbidden to change gears when the roller is running on a slope, and it is forbidden to slide out of gear when going downhill.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use the traction method to drag the road roller, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance under the machine when the road roller is not turned off, there is no support pad, and triangular support (wooden).

Precautions for parking the roller:

The road roller should be parked in a safe, flat, solid place that does not affect other vehicles and has no barriers to construction. And use triangular wooden blocks to block the front and rear wheels. Warning signs should be made when parking on the side of the road, and signal lights should be placed when parking at night to prevent other vehicles from colliding and causing unnecessary troubles!

Attention when getting on and off the roller:

When the roller gets on and off the truck, choose a place that is flat or helpful for getting on and off the truck. If necessary, clean up and bedding. Experienced personnel must be on hand to observe and direct to ensure safety.

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