2022-04-27 | Incorrect handling of a diesel generator set

Incorrect handling of a diesel generator set
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Incorrect handling of a diesel generator set can seriously damage the components of the set!
The base of the generator set is purposely designed for easy handling. Incorrect handling can seriously damage the components of the generator set. Here professional diesel generator manufacturer Starlight introduces the correct handling method of diesel engine and the matters to be noted during handling.

Can lift forklift carefully lift the generator set or focus on the bottom frame to carefully push or pull. If pushing, do not directly push the machine with a fork, be sure to place wood between the fork and the rack to prevent bruising the rack and disperse the weight. If the generator set is to be moved frequently, the frame can be fitted with "oil-filled rails" which will provide forklift recesses to provide suspension. Smaller models already have grooves for forklift lift on the base frame.

! Do not use the engine or alternator hoist to lift the generator set.
! Check that the suspension equipment and the support hand are in good condition and that the load capacity of the suspension equipment is appropriate.
! Do not let anyone walk in after the machine has been lifted.

If the generator set is to be lifted, install a single point suspension device, which is already available for standard machines with canopy.

If the generator set is to be lifted for the purpose of installation, the lifting holes on the base frame are for the purpose of lifting the set. After connection, check whether the set is securely hung, whether there are cracks in the welds, whether the screws are tightened, etc. A crossbar is needed to protect the machine from bruises The lifting point should be in the center of gravity (closer to the generator) rather than the center of the whole machine so that it can be lifted vertically. Once the machine is off the ground, a guide line should be used to prevent the rope from kinking or the machine from swaying. Do not lift in high winds. When the machine is lowered, place it on a flat surface that can withstand the weight of the generator set.

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