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  1. All drilling rigs
  2. Solar Pile driver Machine
  3. Guardrail Pile driver Machine
  4. Engineering Drilling Rig
  5. Pneumatic Drill Rig
  6. DTH Drilling Rig
  7. Underground Mining Drilling Rig
  8. Big Diameter Drill Rig
  9. Hydraulic Core Drill Rig
  10. Geological Exploration Drill Rig
  11. Rock Drill & Splitter
  12. Air Compressors
  13. Water/mud pumps
  14. Accessories for Drill rig
  15. Drill Spare Parts


  1. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW912A

  2. HWF460 horizontal directional drill

  3. DTH Surface Drilling Rig HW452H

  4. Solar Pile Driver HWL500R

  5. Separated DTH Surface Drilling Rig HW916

  6. Crawler Rotary Pile Driver

  7. Underground Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig HW-UP45

  8. HW-150F Anchor Drilling Rig

  9. Crawler Drilling Rig for Geo sampling HWED30

  10. Rock Drill Air Leg FT160

  11. YSP45 Upward Rock Drill

  12. YT29 Portable Rock Drill

  13. YT28 Portable Rock Drill

  14. YT24 Portable Rock Drill

  15. YT23D Portable Rock Drill

  16. Y19A Portable Rock Drill

  17. 7655 Portable Rock Drill

  18. YT27 Rock Drill

  19. Hydraulic Rock Splitter HW90-450

  20. Hydraulic Rock Splitter HW90-350

  21. Hydraulic Rock Splitter HW90-250

  22. Hydraulic Rock Splitter HW80-450

  23. Hydraulic Rock Splitter HW80-350

  24. Hydraulic Rock Splitter HW80-250

  25. YN27C Internal-Combustion Rock Drill

  26. HW-155D1 Anchor Drilling Rig

  27. HW-155D Anchor Drilling Rig

  28. HW-135S Anchor Drilling Rig

  29. HW-135D Anchor Drilling Rig

  30. MDL200 Anchoring drilling Rig

  31. MDL150 Anchoring Drilling Rig

  32. MDL80 Anchoring drilling Rig

  33. Crawler Rock Drilling Machine (12M)

  34. Crawler Rock Drilling Machine (6M)

  35. Crawler Rock Drilling Machine (3M)

  36. Tracked Pneumatic Drill Rig HQZ-500L

  37. HQZ-400L Crawler Pneumatic Drill Rig

  38. Crawler Reverse Circulation drill Rig HF-400L

  39. Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig HWZ-250

  40. Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig HWZ-200

  41. Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig HWZ-120

  42. Positive Circulation Drilling Rig HWZ-120

  43. Tractor Positive Circulation Drilling Rig HW-100

  44. Crawler JZF-D Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

  45. Man-Portable Diamond Core Drilling Rig F800

  46. Man-Portable Diamond Core Drilling Rig F600

  47. Crawler Drilling Rig for Geo sampling HWED50

  48. Crawler Drilling Rig for Geo sampling HW180D

  49. Core Drilling Rig XY-1A

  50. Small crawler Mountain Drill Rig HWL30Z

  51. Mountain Drill Rig HWT30Z

  52. Mountain Drill Rig HW-S30

  53. Backpack Core Drilling Rig HW-B30

  54. Tractor with TQZ-260 Pneumatic Drill Rig

  55. Tractor with TQZ-200 Pneumatic Drill Rig

  56. Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig HW7/350

  57. Trucked HQZ-HQZ-160L Pneumatic Drill Rig

  58. Trucked HQZ-180L Pneumatic Drill Rig

  59. Guardrail Pile Driver HWH930L

  60. Guardrail Pile Driver HWH380

  61. Solar Pile Driver HWL300R

  62. Compact Crawler DTH drilling rig YQ

  63. Portable type DTH drilling rig HYQ

  64. Excavator with DTH Drilling Rig HW200

  65. Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HW-UJ33

  66. Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HW-UJ22/UJ23

  67. Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HW-UJ21M

  68. Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HW813

  69. Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HW812

  70. Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811

  71. Bolter DTH Surface Drill Rig HW925S

  72. Bolter DTH Surface Drill Rig W920S

  73. Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW953

  74. Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW938/938H

  75. Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW923

  76. Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig W921T

  77. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HHW931

  78. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW930

  79. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW925G

  80. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig W925

  81. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW912B

  82. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW910B

  83. Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW910

  84. Separated DTH Surface Drilling rigs HW920

  85. Solar Photovoltaic pile driver


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  13. NEW Underground Jumbo Drilling Machines


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Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW-916 is a trusted machine for mining and construction companies and contractors engaged
in presplitting and conventional production blasthole drilling.
Drilling diameter (mm) φ90-127 , Maximum torque (Nm 1950

NEW drilling machinery  and piling rigs Atlas Copco, Geoprobe
All of our drilling machinery and piling rigs and other equipment comes with a full warranty and is subjected to a thorough technical inspection and workshop service prior to delivery. Our sales team have a wealth of shipping experience, and will undertake all logistics as well as related paperwork on your behalf, to ensure the process is as turnkey, and hassle free, as possible.
Contact us with any questions about our products or any inquiries as to how you can become better educated about our production and finance.
We look forward to working with you to make your immediate environment more sustainable and efficient.

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